The difference between 1 and 18! Warriors win in a row or miss that man


On November 25, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors met King Sacramento at home. In this battle, the two teams fought fiercely for four quarters. Finally, the Warriors defeated their opponents 117-116 and went through the danger. Today's defending champions have a low percentage of three-point shooting, which is the reason why they almost lost.

The Warriors'3-point shooting rate is 39.1% this season, ranking first in the League at this stage. But in the absence of Stephen Coory, the Warriors have dropped their three-point shooting percentage to 34.4% in the last eight games, ranking 18th out of 30 teams. With an average of 26.5 shots per game, only 9.1 shots can be hit. In terms of both the number of shots from the outside and the number of hits, the Warriors'threat outside the three-point line is gradually decreasing.

In today's game against King, the Warriors scored only 29.4% of the three-point shots, 34 outside shots and only 10. At the end of the third quarter, Mark Medina, an American basketball journalist, also deliberately hit the Warriors'three-point shooting, with a shooting percentage of only 29.2%.

In addition, the data show that in the past eight games, the team's top scorer Durant hit only 21.9% of the three-point shooting rate. Clay Thompson, one of the Shuihua brothers, hit 30.6% of the three-point goal. As the two giants of Curie and Green who are absent only two, the performance of the outside line is abnormal, which also affects the overall performance of the team's three-point line.