"Newspaper 110! Save people! Room 6 people" Takeaway Platform Now Strange Information Wuhan Riders A

"Help me to call the police 110 and get into pyramid selling." On the evening of the 23rd, such a help-seeking message suddenly appeared on the mass-sourcing platform of the American League. The riders who saw the information called the police one after another. Eventually, the Hongshan police rushed out to rescue a couple of men and women who would release information for help.

"Delivery Place: Hongcheng Home, Creative Building, 2 buildings and 1 unit..." At 7:24 p.m. on the 23rd evening, an order information appeared on the group crowdsourcing platform. The customer who ordered the order also attached a few words: "Help me to call the police 110 and get into pyramid selling." 110 save lives. The address is correct. There are six people in the room. Take-out is not necessary. Just give me a call.


No sooner had this information been released than Mr. Qin, a hungry rider, noticed it. "And let the rider help with the alarm?" Mr. Qin told Chutian Metropolitan Daily that although customers often publish information about running errands such as helping to buy and deliver errands on the platform, it was the first time that he had a rider to help him report to the police. Because he has just started to receive business from the group, Mr. Qin has no right to take such running errands orders, nor can he contact the information publisher to further verify the situation. He snapped the screen and sent the help-seeking information to the peer chat group. I hope you can find a way together.

"It's not a fake one, is it?" Some riders wondered, "Since you can send information online, you should have the opportunity to call the police on your own." "Even if you ask for help, you should find acquaintances. Why are they posted on takeout platforms?"

At about 7:40 p.m., Mr. Bai, a group rider delivering takeout, saw the information for help and chose to call the police at the first time. Subsequently, he rode his bicycle from Shipailing to Hongcheng home where the helpers were. Considering that rescuing people may delay delivery, Mr. Bai also calls customers to explain. The client said he understood and asked him to help save people first.

Mr. Bai introduced that at about 7:50 p.m., he had just arrived at the community and saw that the police of Beigang Police Station had arrived. About 20 minutes later, the police brought down two young men and two young women from the building. When they saw him wearing the work clothes of the beauty troupe takeout, they also thanked him.

Yesterday morning, the reporter of Chutian Metropolitan Daily came to the incident house of Hongcheng Home, but no one answered the knock.

According to the Hong Shan police, the police arrived at the community and took away two young people, a man and a woman, who issued information for help. Upon enquiry, both of them are post-90s. They came to China from other places on the 18th of this month because they heard from their former colleagues that they had good jobs. After contacting their roommates, they found themselves suspected of falling into pyramid selling trap. The two men dared not call the police directly, so they secretly released the help information on the group crowdsourcing platform. The police are still investigating whether the Department is indeed a pyramid retail outlet.

Reporter interviews learned that after seeing the help information, including Mr. Bai, the earliest police officer, a total of 78 beauty troupes and hungry riders reported to the police. Speaking of the motivation of alarm, Mr. Bai said that although some customers had published false information on the platform, he still dared not hesitate to see the information for help. "Helping people to alarm is just a matter of hands, even if the information is false, it will delay the meal delivery time at most. What if it's the truth?

The person in charge of the delivery of the beauty troupe told reporters that their customer service contacted two young people who asked for help afterwards. Two people said that they had seen the news of someone alerting the police in this way in the media before, which released the rescue information.

The other side said that the company has been very supportive and encouraging riders to help others as much as they can, to transmit positive energy, and to commend enthusiastic riders like them.

Hong Shan police said that riders should be encouraged to call the police immediately when they see someone asking for help, but the way in which the two young people let riders help the police on crowdsourcing platforms is questionable and easy to cause misunderstanding. It is suggested that citizens can send SMS alerts to 12110 in case of inconvenient telephone alarm, and the police will also deal with the police promptly.