From four consecutive defeats to returning to the first place in the west! The Warrior or the Warrio


On November 25, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors won two consecutive victories at home by 117-116 against King Sacramento. Winning back-to-back successively improved the Warriors'record, and now they are back in the first place in the West, keeping pace with the first group.

After the Warriors won the Blazers yesterday, the ranking rose from fifth to fourth. Today they defeated the King again, raising their record to 14-7. Together with today's Thunder defeat, the ranking of the Warriors has changed again.

Now the Warriors are back in the top position in the West. Although the Clippers and Grizzlies have the same winning rate as the Warriors, the defending champions have an advantage over the other two teams in terms of their performance because they have three more games.

Although the first warriors in the West, only half of the victory ahead of the team behind them, but from four consecutive defeats fell out of the first group, to now return to the top in the West.