The story of Wuda Business Group will shoot a TV play Yan Zhi, who will be responsible for the scrip

Yesterday, the fifth alumni Loka Forum of Wuhan University was held. Reporters have learned that a TV series about the story of "Wuda Business Band" is being created. The title of the series is tentatively designated as "Love in Wuhan".


On the eve of the 125th anniversary celebration of Wuhan University, this Roga Forum is about the responsibilities and responsibilities of various industries in the context of the new era, including Alumin, Chen Dongsheng, Guo Guangchang, Huang Li, Lei Jun, Liu Jingnan, Mao Zhenhua, Yan Zhi and other business and academic "superstars" of Dao Roga Mountain, with the theme of "inheritance, innovation and future".

Yan Zhi, chairman of Zhuoer Holdings Co., Ltd., said in his welcoming speech to alumni in Han that in March this year, he received the script creation task of the TV drama "Love in Wuhan", and has now completed the first part. The story begins with the introduction of Eroming (Chairman of Wuhan Contemporary Science and Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.) into the Yangtze River, and then recounts his time with some other well-known alumni in Wuhan University, including the love story of Chen Dongsheng (Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.). Yan Zhi revealed that the second part of the script will focus on the entrepreneurial experience of Aluminum and Lei Jun.

This spoiler opened the chat boxes of other guests, who recalled their real life stories one after another.

Mao Zhenhua, founder and chairman of Sino-Credit Group, described the process from Fruit Lake to Hainan and then to Zhongnanhai in the early stage of reform and opening up, from civil servants, entrepreneurs to teachers. He said that in an era of great change, keeping a curious heart will enable us to climb more mountains and see more beautiful scenery.

Lei Jun, taking the difficulty of the first financing of the millet group as an example, told thousands of students and sisters under the stage that the most important thing to go to college is to learn how to learn. With the ability to learn, there is no need to fear any challenges in the future life.