A large number of contracted projects concentrated in Wuhan to build the most influential industrial

On the 24th, the second China Industrial Design Exhibition sub-forum was held in Jianghan District. Eleven industrial design industry chain projects were contracted to settle in Wuhan, with a total planned investment of 15.1 billion yuan, including three advanced manufacturing projects, eight service-oriented manufacturing and eight productive service projects. The signing of these projects will promote the incremental upgrading of Wuhan's industrial design industry and help build the most influential industrial design base in China.

In this centralized contract project, Shenzhen Ruichao Capital Management Co., Ltd. will build a "Wuhan Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Base" in Jianghan District, and set up a special service-oriented manufacturing fund with a scale of 5 billion yuan to support the construction and development of the base.


The project will build industrial design research platform, intellectual property rights operation management platform, emergency industry operation management platform and other industrial design whole industry chain ecological system, and will introduce and cultivate innovation incubation centers such as technology research and development incubation centers, industrial innovation incubation centers, etc. After completion, it will be stationed in thousands of service-oriented manufacturing enterprises. Companies and service providers.


The project of "Industrial Design Research Institute" signed at this meeting also attracts people's attention. It will build a whole chain industrial service base for industrial design, as well as an incubator and achievement exhibition center centered on industrial design.

Last year, the total revenue of Wuhan's industrial design industry was 19.59 billion yuan, driving the economic value of downstream industries to exceed 100 billion yuan. At present, Wuhan has three national industrial design centers, 40 provincial and municipal industrial design centers and 1860 industrial design or product design enterprises. Its innovative design capabilities in bridge engineering, high-speed railway, urban planning, digital media art and other fields have reached the world's leading level.

The head of Wuhan Economic and Informatization Committee said that in recent years, the momentum of industrial economic development in Wuhan has been strong. The main indicators and sustainable development level are at the forefront of 15 sub-provincial cities in the country. Six cities have been formed, including automobiles and parts, information technology, equipment manufacturing, food, energy and environmental protection, steel and deep processing. There are 100 billion industries, 100 billion enterprises and 20 billion enterprises.

During the forum activity, a new batch of provincial and municipal industrial design centers, provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises and municipal industrial design agglomeration areas in Wuhan were awarded licences. Highlights > Jennot, the founder of Mordley:

Mogu will be put into operation in the first half of next year

On the 24th, Jennot Laihan, founder and President of Modley, a famous Austrian design company, attended the 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition. He revealed that during the exhibition, Modley and Langjian, Shenzhen, had signed a cooperation agreement to build "Ink Valley" in the "D+M" industrial design town of Wuhan, bringing European design concepts and Chinese industries together. Combining characteristics, we are committed to promoting the development of global industrial design industry.

Before the signing of the agreement, Modley staff visited China many times. Jennot said that Wuhan and Modley's second largest city in Austria, Graz, are both "design capital", which has found a good fit for the cooperation between the two enterprises, so he decided to settle down in Han.

Modley has established branches in Detroit, Munich and other cities around the world. It has outstanding advantages in the globalization of industrial design. He said that the services provided by Modley Valley to enterprises are not only limited to product design, but also provide the transformation of brand strategy and technology. At present, Modley's creative director resides in Wuhan. To promote the follow-up construction of Mogu, it will be officially operated in the first half of next year.