After Butler's killing, he said it's like home! Why not go to the Lakers next summer?


On November 26, Beijing time, Philadelphia 76 people away to 127-125 victory over Brooklyn Nets, 76 people star Jimmy Butler in an interview with reporters after the game said: "After 76 people, I feel like home here."

In today's game, 76 people rely on Jimmy Butler in the last minute of three points to win the two-point narrow basket, this game, Butler cut 34 points and 12 rebounds and sent out two assists, while Enbid also got 32 points and 12 rebounds, Simmons got 13 points and 9 assists. The 76-man New Big Three have played well in recent matches, and the team ranks third in the Eastern Conference with 14-8 results.

After seeing Philadelphia have such an exciting record, plus 76 people, Butler's condition is also excellent. In the last 76-man game against Cavaliers, Butler cut 22 points, and today he killed his opponent away and cut the team's highest score, which is his previous state in the Timberwolves and the game. Attitudes have indeed improved.