Fans petitioned Jenna not to enter the home court! There have been 2805 signatures.


On November 26, Beijing time, according to US media reports, a Philadelphia 76-man fan petitioned to refuse Kendall Jenna to come to 76 people to watch the game at home. So far, nearly 3,000 people have signed the petition.

This week, Kendall Jenna came to 76 people to watch 76 people play against the Cavaliers at home, and 76 people lost to the Cavaliers.

Jenna's purpose was obviously to cheer on her boyfriend Ben Simmons. This summer, Simmons and Jenna started dating each other. Although they broke up for a while, after the start of the new season, they were reunited and Jenna was photographed many times to watch the 76-man match.

Recently, a Philadelphia 76-man fan launched a petition asking 76 people to refuse Kendall Jenna to come to the game at home. As a result, 2805 people have signed the petition so far.