How did the Lakers get turned over after 12 points? You can see all four pictures.


The Los Angeles Lakers lost 104-108 at home to Orlando Magic on November 26, Beijing Time. The Lakers'winning streak was ended by Magic again, and they were swept by the Magic season. The Lakers paid a price for their poor defense, especially at the crucial moment of the game, when they made a series of defensive mistakes.

The Lakers had a good start at home, and they quickly took the lead in the first quarter, leading the game by up to 12 points. But as the game progressed, the Lakers'defense became more and more lax, and they continued to leak and fail to defend in time, which made it easy for the Magic to score points.

Magic set off a counter-attack in the second quarter, 23.1 seconds before half-time, Simmons slipped into the interior and was completely ignored by the Lakers'defense. He easily scored the ball after receiving a pass from Nicolas Vuchevich, which enabled the Magic to achieve a score-reversal.

In the third quarter, the Lakers'offense was still not improved, and the Magic could always pick up points at will. With more than four minutes remaining in this section, Augustine passed the ball to Vuchevich to cover for him and blocked Chandler from backing off.

Cadwell Popper, who had been targeting Augustine, was supposed to change his position, but he just stood there without any co-defensive action, which made Vuchevich open up and he easily broke through to finish the one-handed dunk.

The defensive intensity of the Lakers finally improved in the fourth quarter, which is also the key to their counterattack climax to tie the score. But at the crucial moment of the game, the Lakers made another mistake in defense. With 34.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Popper missed out again on defense and did not follow Ross, who was to be watched. As a result, Ross easily broke through the Lakers'defense line and finished a layup. The Magic led 106-104.

Then the Lakers attacked, and they continued to shoot from the outside when they could equalize by 2 points. Pop had a long rebound after three points. Magic took the opportunity to launch a fast attack. At this time, the Lakers only had two men back, while the Magic had four people involved in the fast break. As a result, they seized the opportunity of four games and two, and Gordon was relaxed under the basket. The dunk scored, which completely ended the Lakers'hope of turning the table at home.