The Lakers scored 5 minutes 20 seconds! James was forced to play center again.


The NBA regular season continued on November 26, Beijing time. The Lakers played Magic at home, and eventually they lost their opponents 104-108. The Lakers once scored 5:20.0 in the third quarter of the game.

In the first half, the Lakers attacked smoothly. Especially in the beginning, they scored 17 points in 5 minutes, and then their attacking chances declined due to too many mistakes. Who could have imagined that the top five teams in the offensive fire League would not score in sports for a long time?

Since Ingram's 11:10 second throw in the third quarter, the Lakers have fallen into a sports game scoring shortage. Every player on the court tried, but failed to return until Bauer hit three points in 5:50 seconds to break the deadlock.

In the third quarter, the Lakers'attacking shortage was the biggest problem in the game. The Lakers could not attack, and the defense frequently let their opponents score. During this period, Wharton called twice in succession, which was of no avail. The Lakers' attacking suddenly became silent.

It's hard to imagine sitting with the first player in the league and a group of young men with excellent athletic abilities and not scoring in a five-minute sports game. There was no way for Walton to let James play as a centre forward, sending Mikhailuk, who had been largely absent before, along with three guards, in an attempt to improve the offense, but the effect was still very bad.