James 42 points, double-core 63 + 14, the Lakers reversed the Spurs and won another four consecutive


The Lakers (15-9) won four consecutive games. LeBron James scored 20 points in the key fourth quarter, contributing 42 points, six assists and five rebounds. Kyle Kuzma had 22 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, while Longzo Bauer had 14 points and 9 assists. Brandon Ingram left the field injured in just five minutes, scoring only five points.

The Spurs (11-14) lost two games in a row, continuing to occupy the penultimate position in the West. Demar Drosan scored 32 points and 7 rebounds, Rudy Gay 31 points and 7 rebounds, and Ramakus Aldridge 21 points and 9 rebounds.

The Spurs'defense was strengthened, and the Lakers lost General Ingram shortly after the start, making the two sides close and inextricable.

Nearly half of the first quarter, Ingram shot, but fell on Aldridge's heel and sprained his ankle. He left after a penalty and never returned. His free throw gave the Lakers a 14-10 lead. After he left the field, Guy hit three shots in a row, and the Spurs overtook him. However, in the last two minutes of this section, the Lakers played a wave of 9-0, ending the section with 31-23.

With 1 minute and 13 seconds left in the second quarter, James broke through the dunk and scored five points in a row. The Lakers were 50-43 ahead. After Guy scored one goal, neither team scored in the last minute of the quarter, and the Lakers ended the first half 50-45.

Guy didn't get a point in yesterday's game, but he's feeling hot today. The Spurs attacked fiercely in the third quarter and gradually exceeded. With 5 minutes and 21 seconds left in this section, Guy turned around and hit the ball. One man hit 7-0 and the Spurs led 69-60. James returned a three-point penalty, Mikhailuk hit a three-point shot after a series of "hits" and the Lakers were 78-82 behind after three quarters.

Although the team's shooting rate is not high, James still chose to trust his teammates and continue to pass to them. The Lakers finally improved, with Pope and Bauer hitting three points one after another, beating a wave of 8-0 and exceeding by 109-104.

The Lakers gradually took control of the situation, and in the last quarter they scored 43 points, and the Spurs'defence was eventually lost.



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