International Media Headlines: Shooting at London Mosque

Which end of the station is it? The Washington Post headline today tells you that Republicans in the U.S. Senate are thinking about it. After the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a "Russia-to-Russia" investigation subpoena for Trump's eldest son, Trump Jr., many Republicans felt it was time to turn the story over and stop looking, but the Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee had no intention of retreating. So, we have to consider how to choose the side line.

Trump's eldest son, Trump Jr.

The two items of Huayou Post are Trump and Kim Jong-un. Reported that on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of a North Korean cargo ship, claiming that the ship violated United Nations and U.S. sanctions and illegally transported coal from North Korea. This is the first time that the United States has seized a North Korean cargo ship on the grounds of violating international sanctions. On the same day, North Korea launched UFO again, suspected of being a "short-range missile". The article said that the US-DPRK relations suddenly returned to the old road of tit-for-tat. During this period, Trump's personal relationship with Kim Jong-un seems to be very good, there have been good moments, but the problem is that in the context of nearly 10 years of mutual distrust between the two countries, their subordinates'attitudes towards each other seem different from those of the two leaders. The question is, how does Trump and Kim Jong-un solve this problem?


Trump lowered expectations of an agreement with North Korea. This is the core expression of today's CNN headlines. "I don't think they are ready for negotiations," Trump said Thursday at the White House after North Korea launched its second UFO in a row. Speaking about North Korea's recent launch, Trump said that we were observing the situation very seriously. "Nobody is happy about it." South Korea's military said Thursday that North Korea suspected of firing two "short-range missiles". This is the second test launch of North Korea's new weapon system last week. But CNN noted that despite the repetition, Trump said Thursday that "relations with North Korea continue".

Russian RT Television Station

Is the United States really going to hit Iran? The RT headline tells you that at least Pompeo is threatening again. The U.S. Secretary of State said Thursday that the Trump administration did not want to go to war with Iran, but the United States would respond to any attacks "quickly and decisively". In a statement, he said Iran has been engaged in a series of escalating threats and statements in recent weeks. "The Tehran regime should understand that any attack on American interests or citizens by them or their agents will be promptly and decisively responded by the United States." He also warned Tehran not to misinterpret Washington's "restraint" as "lack of determination".