Gong Li held hands with her 71-year-old foreign boyfriend in Cannes to show affection and admire oth

Recently, Cannes Film Festival is being held. Gong Li, as the queen of the screen, is also the unique queen of the red carpet. After all, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing and other actresses are absent from the event. At the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, Gong Huang, who had a full atmosphere, showed unique beauty. Gong Li wears a long white lace dress to show off the red carpet with feminine flavor, and the naked lipstick is naturally casual. The yarn skirt flutters with the wind and has a strong air field.

This year Gong Li will be awarded the 5th Women in Motion Award by the Cannes Film Festival Organizing Committee for her contribution to the film industry, which is Gong Li's 18th participation in the Cannes Film Festival. On that day, Gongli's red carpet was very domineering, and there was a red slogan of net friendliness Qigongli. So the media exposed a group of photos of Gong Li's lipstick. The pale bare lip color has a kind of low-key elegance instead of red lipstick.

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Gong Li's mouth is still very lovely. The gentle and elegant nude make-up also shows Gong Huang's aura.

On the red carpet, Gong Li's dominance leaks, and Queen Fan is absolute. After all, her nearly three minutes of official footage on the red carpet proves her position and weight at Cannes Film Festival. Gong Li is the focus of the camera in the red carpet. On the contrary, the act of netting the red carpet in Cannes is very low. But in private, Gong Li also shows her little woman's side.

Gong Li's self-portrait in bed is charming and touching.

Gong Li was very happy. Originally, Gong Li attended the Cannes Film Festival with her family. Last year, Gong Li and Jean Michelle Yale, 71, a French master of electronic music, were exposed to the public. Later, the media photographed the couple dating several times. This time, Gong Li also took her boyfriend to the film festival with a high-profile show of love.

Jean Michelle Yale was born in 1948 and is 71 years old. But maybe it's because of his demeanor and talent that he still looks handsome at the age of 71. Although Gong Li is 53 years old, she is still so beautiful and moving. Two hands in hand, sweet state envy others.

I wonder if Gong Li has any plans to marry her boyfriend.