Black industry chain behind crowdsourcing platform: 2,000 false medical records and mixed clinical t

At the beginning of May, the news of a cross talk actor that "there is a car and a house at home, raising millions after illness" triggered public opinion. People noticed the audit flaws of the crowdsourcing platform, and also found that behind the crowdsourcing there was a black industrial chain of making false medical records.

Crosstalk performers raise millions of dollars to spark controversy over online pictures

39 Deep Breathing (ID: shenhuxi39) actual visit found that it is not difficult to find people who make false medical records, and the cost of making a false medical record is not high, 2000 yuan can make a full set of medical records of any third-class hospital in Beijing.

01 False medical record deceives crowds to raise, 2000 yuan can run a complete set.

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A complete medical record includes outpatient medical record, inpatient record, temperature sheet, medical order sheet, laboratory test sheet (test report), medical image examination data, special examination consent, operation and anesthesia record sheet, pathological data, nursing records and other objective data.

Such a complicated list of information, if it is a real patient, can be obtained in the hospital medical record room by paying a copy fee or express delivery fee. No sickness but need a fake medical record? Don't worry. It's a trivial matter for people who make false medical records, as long as you give money.

39 Deep Breathing (ID: shenhuxi39) contacted a male vendor by Wechat on the grounds of "wanting to set up a medical record to participate in public fund-raising". In his voice reply, he said that the full set of medical record data is 2000 yuan, which can be done by all third-level hospitals in Beijing. There are receipts for fees and checklists in medical record data. Any kind of tumors can be used, but the course of tumors can not be specified.

Dialogue with Medical Record Seller

Male sellers said that the information is from the hospital, Zhang is also true, you can rest assured to collect public funds. Indeed, in June 2018, the media said that they had "raised" 200,000 yuan by submitting false medical records, and then they said that they had bought a story for 10 yuan and "raised" 500,000 yuan.

If using false medical records + false stories to deceive people to raise money is to use people's kindness and love, to directly draw money from personal wallets, to dispel people's love, then using false medical records to deceive health insurance is to draw money from people's public wallets, which violates the legal bottom line.

Male vendors who sell fake medical records also emphasized several times: "It's okay to raise money with this information, but it can't be reimbursed because there's no record in the hospital." But in fact, the use of false medical records to defraud insurance is not new. In 2018, local governments launched a campaign against defrauding medical insurance funds.

In recent years, there have been many cases of fraudulent medical insurance by using false medical records.

In April 2018, the Shidian County Public Security Bureau of Baoshan City, Yunnan, announced that Duan and Shi had been criminally detained since 2017 by forging false medical records, defrauding medical insurance and social insurance of more than 520,000 yuan.

In October 2018, Changchun City, Jilin Province, imposed penalties on 761 designated service providers. Two units were lifted from the medical insurance service agreement. The remaining 759 institutions were punished for network shutdown, refusal to pay illegal fees, deduction of annual examination scores, and ordering rectification.

We can't determine whether the male vendors who cheat crowds on fake medical records are hospital insiders, but in the case of medical insurance funds, they point directly to corruption within hospitals. In November 2018, CCTV exposed the suspected cheating of medical insurance funds in two hospitals in Shenyang. Local authorities found that hospitals introduced false patients through intermediaries and made false medical records to cheat medical insurance funds.